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I'm working on this application where the user can add new notes to a
specific article. I want to display the last note on the add new notes
page for that article.

I have a problem that if you try to visit the add a new note page for
an article that doesn't have any notes, it will give you an error
saying the first column of the notes table is nil - if I swap around
the sql it would change the error to cannot find id. I've tried so
many things but none of it work and I really would appreciate any

Basically if their is a note for an article I want it to show up above
the form to add new notes to an article - if their isn't any notes for
that article then just show the form.

Thanks for any help :smiley:

I guess you have a setup like this:

Articles model:
has_many :notes

Notes model:
belongs_to :article

Then in the controller (assuming you have an article in @article):
@note = @article.notes.find(:first, :order => "created_at DESC")
will give you the latest added note (if any)

in the view:
<% if @note then %>
... show the note...
<% end %>

Maybe something like:

# notes_controller.rb
def new
  where_stuff = ["article_id = ?", params[:article_id] ]
  @last_notes = Note.find(:all, :conditions => where_stuff, :limit => 1,
:order => 'created_at DESC')

# notes/new.html.erb
<% @last_notes.each do |note| %>
    <%= h note %>
<% end %>

That's air code, but I think something like that should work...

Thanks guys! I tried your way and it worked :smiley: You guys ROCK.