joining notes to users?

hi, i'm working on an idea of mine using ruby on rails but totally stumped
with the has_many :notes, belongs_to :users in ruby

could someone explain this to me?

basically every user will be able to create many notes (notes being a record
with a body text field), but those individual notes will only relate to the
user who created them.

so joe won't be able to see sally's note records

how do i do this?

can anyone point me to an easy example, done the authentication and
everything else, just can't get my head around this one.

appreciate it,


By what i can understand is “Creator alone see his/her own notes”. For this you need to store creator_id or user_id in the notes table ans wherever you are displaying the notes just check if the note if from the user who has logged in.

So, say session[:id] is having the id of the user who has logged in and in the rhtml somewhere you are having, @notes as collection of notes then while displaying you can write
<%for note in @notes
<%if note.user_id == session[:id]%>
Show notes data here
Hope this helps, :slight_smile:

Thanks and regards,

if you just want to display the notes specific to the currently logged
in user, you'd just use something like this (assuming current_user
returns the currently logged in user):

in your model:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  # each user will have many notes, each note will be associated with
  # a user through a user_id column in the notes table
  has_many :notes

class Note < ActiveRecord::Base
   # a note belongs to a single
   belongs_to :user

in your controller:

def notes
#retrieve all the notes for the currently logged in user
@notes = current_user.notes

and in your view:

<% for note in @notes %>
<%= note.title %>
<%= note.body %>
<% end %>