should I use Rails for a social networking site?

I've been talking with a friend of a friend about perhaps being "the
techie" of her new social networking site. She has a business
background so she has no language biases one way or another, although
she has been involved in the business aspects of launching websites in
the past, so she doesn't have any experience with Rails.

From what I've gleaned from her, she doesn't want to do anything
technically difficult or groundbreaking. Assuming that I want to
persuade her to use Rails, what arguments should I use? OR, perhaps
social networking websites are a "solved" problem, and the language
used doesn't really matter?

You are now halfway there :slight_smile:

j/k of course.

The same arguments you use for pushing Rails any time.

1.) It's fast, coder-friendly and flexible. You can do your work faster,
adjust to new requirements faster, and maintain the code effectively.
2.) She can boast on her site that she's using that sexy new framework,
Ruby on Rails.
3.) [Insert other benefits here]

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