Shipping information from fedex/ups


I was looking to get a plugin or something to calculate shipping
information from either fedex or ups. I have looked at active
shipping, the shipping gem and MightyInteractive fedex plugin.

What are people doing in regards to shipping? The plugins/gems I have
tested are all outdated...

That's what I found, too, when I looked about six months ago. I ended
up just mocking up some XML requests for UPS. You can search this
forum and find my previous post which includes the code that I used.
We then switched to using FedEx, and I did the same. The
documentation for using XML with FedEx is terrible (they much prefer
SOAP, but it was overkill for my application), so feel free to contact
me outside of here to get some code. All I'm doing is making a rate
request and parsing the response.


Check out my blog post on the subject that has some code for UPS: