Getting Rates from FedEx Web Services

I am looking to retrieve just rate information from FedEx Web Services
API. I have the account information setup. After reviewing previous
posts most people recommend the Shipping gem. However, I only need to
get the rates from FedEx, so adding a gem seems overkill.

Does anyone have code they are willing to share that pulls rates and
parses the result? Any code samples or references are greatly


What do you mean you have the account information setup with FedEx? Are you the

shipper in all cases? If this is the case, you should be able to use ActiveShipping:

Good luck,


I simply mean that I have setup an account with FedEx (API Key, etc).

I will take a look at ActiveShipping, as I also am working on a PayPal
script and leaning towards ActiveMerchant.

Does anyone know if installing these as a gem or plugin makes a
difference on a shared hosting environment? I worry that because of it
I won't be able to use it in production.

In general, each project owner will generally provide proper installation


Good luck,