@session's scope in the model

harper wrote:

> If you give an
> example of what you are trying to do in the model, we may be able to
> point you in the right direction.

Thanks for the reply...i wanted to give the admin of the site a
possibility to see the pages that were marked unpublished, that for
regular users, were impossible to see.

((publish - tinyint(1) column for any page in the Page model, that
marks whether the page is published or unpublished. only the published
are seen by everyone))

to do this, i found a great (with_scope) method, that gives me exactly
what i wanted,

  def self.find(*args)
          if !@session['user'] ### errors populated here
      self.with_scope(:find => { :conditions => "publish=1" }) do

except, now i get nil errors from the session variable in the first part
of the clause. how do get this working, if i need to check the session
to see if it is the admin, but can't use the session in the model?
can/should this be defined in the controller?
either way, much appreciation your way...thanks,


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There are a couple of plugins floating around that also need to pull
the user id from the session, so far i've seen two ways to do it.

The first is to put a before_filter in the Application controller that
sets a User class variable to the current user id. The other uses a
Thread local variable.

The first one works fine in most cases, but would probably break if
Rails ever becomes threaded.

class User
  cattr_accessor :current_user

--- application.rb ---
before_filter :set_current_user

def set_current_user
  User.current_user = session['user']

The current user will get set at the beginning of each request, so you
can be sure that it will be correct.