Session_id generation different for subdomains

Hi! So, I've got a bunch of different subdomains for our site...

However, I would like for RAILS to have consistent session ids for
each of these subdomains as they all point at the same rails
appliation (i change behavior by adding some request headers at the
apache end which handles directing them to the right rails

Does anybody know if there's a patch needed, or a configuration to do
to make rails not pay attention to the prefix of the domain name

Excellent point...

However, I'm in control of the redirection to the new site, so I could
just reproduce the cookie on the redirect. Or could I set a cookie
which is good for all *

Yes, some quick digging, and you CAN set a cookie which acts over all

Looks like this was done in cakephp.... was it done in Rails?

I guess I'll answer my own question. But for anybody who's wondering.