not logged in in subdomain?

For some reason my users get logged out when they switch to a subdomain. I have this in my environment:

    config.action_controller.session = {       :session_key => '_app_session',       :session_domain => '',       :secret => 'xxxx'     }

Which I thought would cover that...


You need to specify a wildcard domain for your auth cookie. The default is to use the entire domain.

Here's a blog post explaining how:


thanks! I was missing the . I'll give that a try

This is still not working for us.

we have:

  if RAILS_ENV == 'production'     config.action_controller.session = {       :session_key => '_site_session',       :session_domain => '',       :secret => 'xxxxx'     }   else     config.action_controller.session = {       :session_key => '_site_session',       :session_domain => '.site.local',       :secret => 'xxxxx'     }   end

and when users switch between sub domains or between no subdomain (we don't use www... maybe that is the problem?) and a subdomain they need to log in again.

Like I say, we are having no luck with this. I am going to post a job on oDesk to hire someone to fix it... unless anyone wants to apply directly to me.