Seek brilliant Rails programmer to add one field to acts_as_taggable

I'm on the downhill side of a large project that requires an additional integer field to be added to the tag.rb in acts_as_taggable. I feel I have a good understanding of ActiveRecord and have performed the correct migrations. (As a short background for those following this thread) when one wants to add tags to a model they call the 'tag_with' method that jumps into acts_as_taggable.rb logic and attaches one or more tags to the controlling model. The part that kills me is that this procedure happens in such a sublime manner that I can't see where or when the record is created or built? Thus I can't find a place to build and apply a method that I would pass before the record is saved. I've attempted the before_create event callback but the controller is unable to pass a parameter to this tag.rb. It's as though the tag.rb instance is magically created without leaving a trail or sequence of events that I can modify. I was hoping I could 'go in the front door' and simply modify the 'tag_with' code such as this;       module InstanceMethods         def tag_with(list, project_id)           Tag.transaction do             taggings.destroy_all             Tag.parse(list).each do |name|               if acts_as_taggable_options[:from]

send(acts_as_taggable_options[:from]).tags.create(:name => name, :project_id => project_id).on(self)               else                 unless Tag.find_by_name(name)                   Tag.create(:name => name, :project_id => project_id).on(self)                 end               end             end           end         end Here is how I call this in the controller:   def create     @rateme =[:rateme])     @rateme.user = current_user     params[:project_id] = @portal.project_id.to_s     @rateme.tag_with(params[:tags], params[:project_id]) if params[:tags]     respond_to do |format|       if

For some reason, Ruby still sees that this 'tag_with' method only takes one argument and blasts this error: ArgumentError in RatemesController#create wrong number of arguments (2 for 1) RAILS_ROOT: ./script/../config/.. Application Trace | Framework Trace | Full Trace #{RAILS_ROOT}/app/controllers/ratemes_controller.rb:46:in `tag_with' "

I am happy to pay cash for this solution. Thank you, Kathy

did you restart the server? plugins load at start.

Mr. Ross, You hit the nail on the head. Yes. I didn't re-start the server. Dummy me :frowning: Kathy