Does anyone know how to write an additional attribute to the TAGS table?

I'm enjoying using acts_as_taggable and am trying many ways to write
an addtional integer key field to the tag.rb so it can in turn
belong_to a parent table.
I've tried opening up the acts_as_taggable.rb trying to find a way to
add another attribute but it's so WEIRD??
Then, I thought I would simply use a before_create callback on the
tag.rb model. Inside the controller.action that calls this method
there are some instance variables available. However, when I reference
this instance variable while taking a slight detour into the tag.rb
code it becomes unavailable?
In the controller.create I call this code:
    @rateme =[:rateme])
    @rateme.user = current_user
    @rateme.tag_with params[:tags] if params[:tags]
    respond_to do |format|

However in the before_create code in the TAG model I use this;
def after_create
    self.portal_id = @slicehit.portal_id
I always get the "nil.portal_id error", although you can see the
@slicehit is healthy in the calling code?
Has anyone out there ever modified this part of acts_as_taggable?
Thank you,

Good question. I am writing on application that will serve MANY
distinct domains by scoping the Many of these are
entirely unrelated and thus my need to add a key integer field to the
Somehow by putting the acts_as_? behavior on top of this object makes
it act extraordinary and I can't accomplish adding a row.column value
to the record. This is a fundamental need and I can't make headway. I
am using the before_create callback and it just passes through without
ever appearing to fire. Here's the code on callback:
def after_create
  self.portal =
Do you know anyone I could hire to make this happen?
Thank you,

I saw your original message and would like to help, but I don't think
it contained enough of your code to diagnose the problem. At least
post the models...