hi there,

i try to use searchlogic to find entities by date.
its working if i just try to search something.
the ordering helper is also working if i just show all results.
if i want to order (lets say by zipcode) and find by date it wont work.
the order helper messes up the params[:search] in case of using a date

if i just search something the params look like (good):
Parameters: {"commit"=>"Finden", "search"=>{"date_like(1i)"=>"2010",
"date_like(2i)"=>"6", "zipcode_like"=>"", "date_like(3i)"=>"24"}}

if i try to order the results by clicking the order helper link the
params look like (bad):
Parameters: {"search"=>{"order"=>"ascend_by_zipcode",
"date_like"=>"2010-06-24 00:00:00 UTC", "zipcode_like"=>""}}

if i manually set the params its working as well.

so, just the helper does something wrong with the date params. i have
absolutely now clue, iam also very new to ruby/rails.

does anybody know how to get this working?

thanks for any help