date_select with Searchlogic

I am aware that date selects params are supposed to supported by

But I'm battling to get them working.

I am using one of the named_scopes that it makes, and it works perfectly
in the console:


this behaves as expected.

In my view I have this:

- form_for @search do |f|
  =f.text_field :surname_like
  Age between
  =f.text_field :age_gte
  =f.text_field :age_lte
  Joined after
  =f.date_select :created_at_gte

  =f.submit "Search"

the error I get is when actually using the field, I get this error:
The is not a valid condition. You may only use conditions that map to a
named scope

and the params are:


Now unless I'm wrong, searchlogic should be able to parse the params
with their date groups. Or it's just being stupid and thinking
"created_at_gte(1i)" is a named scope. In which case I'm going to have
to alter the params to make it friendly for searchlogic.

anythink I'm missing?

+1, hit this nail right on today :frowning:

William Yeung wrote:

+1, hit this nail right on today :frowning:

Sorry for the late reply, u probably moved on from this.

I got a method that takes all the date params from the params and
changes them to a friendlier version.

  def parse_date_params(param_hash)
    hash = param_hash.clone
    regexp = /(.+)\((\d)[a-zA-Z]\)/
    dates_arrays ={|key, value| key.to_s.match(regexp) }

    hash.delete_if{|key, value| key.to_s.match(regexp) }

    add_to_hash = {}

    dates_arrays.each do |a|
      matchdata = a[0].match(regexp)
      # check for all three.
      add_to_hash[matchdata[1]] ?
add_to_hash[matchdata[1]][matchdata[2]] = a[1] :
add_to_hash[matchdata[1]] = {matchdata[2] => a[1]}

    add_to_hash.each_pair { |key, value| hash[key] =
Date.civil(value["1"].to_i, value["2"].to_i,value["3"].to_i)}

    return hash

let me know if that helps.