I am running into an odd problem and would love some assistance. I
had Ruby/Rails up and running perfectly fine on a Win 7 machine but
recently had to perform a fresh install of everything. The previous
install as well as this one were completed with RubyInstaller 1.9.2.
In the old install I was able to create apps with no problems on the
same machine. The new install went fine. Mongrel & SQLite 3 went in
with no problems. Now when I go to create a new app, everything seems
fine, but not all the files are created. I seem to be missing nearly
all of the files from the script folder of the new app.

Now I know that some may be thinking, "just go for a Linux install to
save trouble." Well, I thought of that too. However, the same
problem arose with a fresh install of Ubuntu and following quite a few
Ubuntu/Ruby/Rails guides.

I'm just hoping that someone has some insight on this matter and
appreciate your time.

Are you using Rails 3? In Rails 3, all the old individual script files in script/ (i.e. generate, server, console, etc.) have been combined into one file, 'rails'. And in practice, you just use the rails bin installed by the gem rather than the stub in scripts/rails

Instead of running, for example:


you now run:

rails console


Chris, I am running Rails 3 and will give that a go. I must have been
running 2.3.8 on the earlier install. I'll let you know how it goes.


You may try “rails server” in Rails 3 to start server. “script/server” was gone in last version itself…