scaffolding on a table with a foreign key

Chris Finch wrote:

I have a table with a foreign key in it. When I apply a scaffold to it,
it does not show the foreign column in list, edit etc.
How can I make it show the foreign column?

Scaffold does not show columns of a table that a foreign key refers to.
You will need to add this support in your model (belongs_to,
has_one/many), view (list, new, show, delete).rhtml files and link the
tables with their foreign key relationships accordingly in your
controller. If you want an easy way out, try the plugin
scaffolding_extensions or streamlined.
Send your model details, and tell us what you intend to do, someone
over here can help you.

In the associated model:

  def scaffold_name

Actually, scaffolding_extensions defaults scaffold_name first to
self[:name] and then to id, so in your schema the column you want to
use must not be named "name". Just put the name of the column that
contains the name you want to see in the select box.