scaffold leaving out column names ending in _id?

I've been trying to get scaffold to display all fields in a simple
I noticed that if a column name ends in '_id' the scaffold ignores it,
also the scaffold does not display the primary key, named 'id'.
Where can I find a list of the rules that the scaffold follows?
If they are simply the rails rules, please provide that link.



I think the scaffold uses (or at least used to use) this function to
create the list of fields:


It’s pretty pointless for scaffolding to include these anyway. You’re going to have the id in the URL (for edit pages), you’re going to need to build a picklist for your _id fields because Rails, when you scaffold, can’t know what you’re trying to do.

Scaffolding is a learning tool. It was not, and never will be, intended for actual use in a production application.

Other projects, like ActiveScaffold and Streamlined, do offer very robust automatic interface builders.