Scaffold 'destroy' method not working?

My destroy method, which I screated from a rails scaffold, isn't
working. I even went as far as to overwrite the entire controller in
hopes that I had really messed up and not realized it, but alas,
nothing changed. What could be the possible cause of this?

hello i have the same problem

it does not work on windows neither on a centos setup

i have no idea why it does this ???

what is in your logging file?

I am having the same problem, on a windows computer as well.

Haven't solved it yet.

Heri R> wrote:

Processing ClientsController#destroy (for at 2006-10-07
16:32:08) [GET]
  Session ID: 1e6ceb5ab77ad8a5bf5796f00e47cd65
  Parameters: {"post"=>"true", "action"=>"destroy", "id"=>"5",
Redirected to http://localhost:3000/clients/list
Filter chain halted as
returned false
Completed in 0.00010 (10000 reqs/sec) | DB: 0.00000 (0%) | 302 Found

I have set Destory to Post and it still doesnt work.

Also I tried to see if the destory was even being called and it doesnt
look like it

  def destroy
      redirect_to :action => 'list'
      flash[:notice]="illegal delete call"

because it would flash me and it doesnt.

What could this mean?