running two apps on rails

Dear Members,

I am newbie to ruby on rails. someone has already installed rails on
my computer. he has also hosted a site. now one of my fellow one has
developed an application on rails. I have to host that application as
well. i am new to this, i dont know what to do.
my fellow told me just to copy and paste the application to the server
folder. he gave me sql file for the application and told me to create
He further told me that i have to do nothing more than that.
I did what he told me.
now i dont see the second application from the browser. Do i have to
configure apache for the new application? please tell me..

You will indeed need to do some configuration of apache (or whatever frontend you have).
Exactly what to do rather depends on what you've got currently, but in my setup it normally boils down to adding a new virtual host entry that proxies to a cluster of mongrels.