multiple rails apps on a single host with mod_rails


I'm playing around with setting up a server to host multiple rails applications on a single hostname.

The documentation only explains how to do it using multiple virtual hosts and i can not figure out if it is even possible.

Have you played around with a setup like this?


Mick, I haven't, but there's no reason you couldn't set rewrite rules so that this works... i.e. something like: => application one => application two

But you can't have "" go to multiple applications, because how would it know which one to use? (well, ok, you could do some fancy stuff like incoming IP filtering, but I suspect this isn't what you are talking about).

Read up about mod_rewrite in apache. In fact, I've seen some other posts in the past where someone was setting up apache to do the equivalent of "" => some rails app. So it shouldn't be too hard to extend that so that you can have multiple apps. Or maybe you use proxy rules to proxy from apache to mongrel.

Just some thoughts...