"Running rake doc:guides will put a full copy of the Rails Guides in the doc/guides "

dear co-grouppers,

The subject line quotes the famous Ruby on Rails Getting-Started Guide (section 13 What’s Next?) but my terminal responded with: "rake aborted! no such file to load -- redcloth".

What's up? Why did it happen to me? How to get through and live on?

yours` sehrguey

You need to install the RedCloth gem. http://redcloth.org/

sudo gem install redcloth

Sorry, it should be sudo gem install RedCloth

dear Rafael,

thank you for your help.

I install RedCloth 4.2.9. with a bunch of its gemDocs and other things and once again typed ’

rake doc:guides

’ into commandline just to see again that rake is aborted!

When I ran the command with option ‘–trace’ the terminal revealed requirement for ‘redcloth’ gem but that was not found in any repository.

What now, querido amigo?



you have to specify the dependency in the application’s Gemfile file then (just installing it doesn’t require it), it should be something like this:

gem ‘rails’ … gem ‘RedCloth’

after that do a ‘bundle install’, then run rake doc:guides again. it should work this time, if it doesn’t then do this:

gem ‘RedCloth’, :require => ‘redcloth’

See ya.


all worked as you predicted.

Thanks a lot.

You’re da man.