Installing RedCloth

Hi All,

I'm working through a book which touches on Textile for formating in
the body of a blog.

The procedure is:

1) Add this line to environment.rb
config.gem "RedCloth", :version => ">= 3.301", :source => "http://"

2) rake gems:install

3) use <%= textilize(article.body) %>

So it fails at #1 because of the whythluckystiff resources not being
available anymore !

So does anyone have an alternative so I can get this working ?

regards, Dave Porter

OK, I got RedCloth installed, but line at step 3 now gives this error:
(I replaced my original <%= textilize(article.body) %> with the line
shown from the rail api, they both give the same error! )
Regards, Dave

Hi Dave,

Try this in your environment.rb

config.gem "RedCloth", :lib => "redcloth"

Working perfectly as of writing with RedCloth 4.2.2 (pre-installed),
RoR 2.3.4.