Running off edge using a local fork

Summary: What’s the best setup for developing an app using a fork of edge (--dev) and simultaneously making contributions to upstream rails/rails?

Hi Rails Team!

I’ve tried running off edge on OS X Catalina with Homebrew, and it feels like it’s going to make more sense to use rails-dev-box. However the rails-dev-box guide states that the VM is designed for Rails core development, not application development. I’d like to combine the two, in other words, develop my app with my own fork of edge and make contributions to upstream rails/rails simultaneously.

I’ll probably see how I get on using rails-dev-box running inside a Vagrant VM, and if I hit any issues, just work through the whole of the Development Dependencies Install.

Any tips would be very much appreciated!

I don’t know why you would need a Vagrant VM for this? I would look at it very much like any gem fork.

you defined your fork in your gemfile. and you have your rails repo on the side for branches, rebasing and contribution. your rails repo has both git remote defined, origin and upstream. and your rails app uses the branch of your choice on your fork.

where is the complication exactly?