Running my RAILS APP on Local area network using Windows XP as server os.


I want to deploy my rails app on my college LAN and use it as a
intranet site. I am MAC user so i dont know much about configuring
windows to run the rails app as intranet site. I currently have a
rails app with mysql database and webrick server. Can anyone help me
with this?

Your college's sysadmin (person/team/department) would probably be the
best place to start... some places don't like people turning web
servers on on their network...

Who is in charge of this LAN? Do you have space on a server on that LAN, do you have root or sudo in that space, and are you sure it's Windows-based? Does it have to be on the LAN, or could you use Heroku or another simple hosting service (and SSL, if security is your issue) instead?


Thanks Michael for the reply... My college sysadmin doesnot know how
to deploy the rails app. He knows to deploy websites with apache
server but my rails app uses webbrick. So i wanted to know how to
deploy it in webbrick and access in LAN.

Hello Walter,
Thanks for the reply. I just want to run my final year engineering
project on windows based LAN. i use webrick as my server so i want to
knw how can i run the app in one machine and access in oder systems. I
have not be alloted a special server also. I have a PC to deploy the
app with windows xp os.

Webrick is not really suitable as a server for very many clients but you should be able to bring up the server on your system and just go over to another system and access it at http://(your hostname or ip):3000 from some browser. You may have to work on the configuration of your firewall to let outside connections in but that will work. You probably should install mongrel or thin if you want to support more than a few connections. I have done this between a couple of my windows systems so I know that it is possible.