need help to setup ruby application in intranet..


i have made an application with hepl of RoR...but i want to use this application in my LAN... so anyone of the my lan user can make their entries in database through their pc but n those enteries should be saved in only main server pc... i need help to setup this kind of deployment of my RoR application.. m totally dumb abt plz help how to do this...



Internet, intranet, doesn't matter. Have you tried to deploy your app and encountered an actual problem? If so, what is it?

You *could* run your application completely from script/server, but the performance would be terrible if there was more than one user (even then it would be pretty slow).

There are several technologies that can run rails apps, but it all really depends on how much traffic you are expecting, and any existing technologies that you have in place (apache for example).

If you can provide more information about the environment it will be running in, maybe we can give you some more specific tips.



thnx matt n hassan for ur reply.... i ws running the application on webrick which is by default... n i ws thinking to switch over apache..but i dont have any kind of knowledge abt it... so i need little help for it.....

Only one way to get that knowledge: do it.

Download Apache httpd and install it. For simplicity you probably want to use Passenger for your Rails app, so install that.

Check back if you have specific questions or problems. :slight_smile:

i visited tht website of passenger...but i found tht it dont supports windows OS my OS is windows :frowning:

i installed apache2.2..

OK, I have no experience using Windows with Rails, so you'll have to investigate alternative deployment approaches.

Good luck!