hosting ror app using xampp on windows OS

HI ALL, it's so frustuating to me from so many days--hosting ror app in apache on win os. i installed xampp and running ror apps using webrick server . but when comes to hosting that app into apache i can't make it.i gone through the so many sites can anyone give me an assistance to solve this problem. thanks in advance regards, Manik.

It is no good just posting the same request again. You do not seem to have taken much notice of the replies to your previous request. Go back and look at them again and make sure you have taken note of all suggestions there. Then come back and ask specific questions indicating what you have tried and exactly what problem you now have, not just that it does not work, but exactly what you have done that you think should work and what happens when you do that, including any relevant output from the various logs.

One of the problems is of course that Windows is not good at hosting Rails. Most here use Linux (often Ubuntu) or Mac. My personal suggestion is that you take this opportunity to ditch windows and move to Ubuntu. Ubuntu can be dual booted with Windows so you can boot into whichever you prefer. I guarantee that you will soon find yourself only using Windows rarely, if at all.

thank u colin, at present i am doing my best to host sample ror app into apache in win os. i modified httpd.conf file to listen 3000 port Listen 3000 LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ <virtualHost *:3000> ServerName rails DocumentRoot "D:/xampp/htdocs/samplerorapp/public" <Directory "D:/xampp/htdocs/samplerorapp/public/"> Options ExecCGI FollowSymLinks AllowOverride all Allow from all Order allow,deny AddHandler cgi-script .cgi AddHandler fastcgi-script .fcgi </Directory> </VirtualHost> CASES:-

1.some times my apache server running and after 3 sec it stops automatically 2. my server is running and i'm getting rails home page also when i am clicking on app environment link Access forbidden! message or object not found error message. after that i went for bitnami also but there also i can't make it. still i am exploring other ways to host my app in win os. any one give me an idea to this prblm.