hosting ror app in XAMPP

i have a working installation of XAMPP, and a working installation of
ror INDEPENDENTLY. but i can't make it working of ror in XAMPP.
can u guys plz give a assistance to make it

  I'm pretty sure what you're referring to is pointing Apache (the A in
XAMPP) to your rails server. If this is your development environment,
there isn't really a point in doing it. It would simply forward requests
from port 80 and pass it over to port 3000, where you're likely running
your rails server.

I'd keep 'em separated, but that's just me.

SET up a virtual host in apache with passenger gem

thanks Jeff Miller,
can u explain procedure bcz i'm newbie.

Please, read the documentation[1] first, the try it, the come with
specific errors.



can i host ROR app in xampp in windows os.

manikyalarao padala wrote in post #1020751:

can i host ROR app in xampp in windows os.

i'm trying to host my ROR app in xampp in windowsXP.
i'm getting
Welcome aboard
You’re riding Ruby on Rails!
Home page but when i'm clicking
about your application environment link i'm getting "Access
forbidden!" this is my prblm.
can any one help me to solve this prblm.

Check the permissions on the folder containing your Rails app (wherever XAMPP requires the Apache root to be). Did you generate the application there directly, or did you copy it over from another folder on your PC? I have no idea what user XAMPP runs as, or what user its Apache daemon runs as, but that user will need permission to execute folders and read files within the Rails root (and write log files), and the /public stuff will naturally need to be 755 (folders) and 644 (files) for "world" access, even if it's just you looking at it on the same PC over a localhost URL.

I'll repeat (again) what I've heard so many times over the years on this list: this is all orders of magnitude easier on Linux (boot or VM) or a Mac. Engine Yard has a very nice setup to allow Rails dev on a PC in Windows, you might want to check that out as well.