Ruby PHP and Apache

Hi guys :slight_smile:

1st of all I'm still new with ruby and just following some tutorial to build with ruby language and ruby on rails. Before this I just bootup the webrick web server for development.

Things come up, and I want to integrate my RoR project within apache web server. So i'm googling around and found this article from wiki@rubyonrails

is it possible i integrate php and ruby on rails with the same web server n folder like /var/www/html

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Don't know how it's set up, but the hosting provider I use comes with Rails and PHP integration, which means I could run PHP pages on my Rails /public directory.

yes it's possible. have a look at passenger


FryShadow wrote:

I do exactly that with my Xen server using Passenger, and both applications run fine, the Rails app is a little slow on the first request but all in all its a nicer cleaner solution than mod_proxy and several mongrels. Oh and the installer makes everything a doddle.


Michael .. wrote:

Thanks for the link guys, I will try that :slight_smile:

I think apache should have mod_ruby just like apache do with php :stuck_out_tongue: