Rails desktop application


I already have succussfully developed a web app with Rails 3 on an
Ubuntu server.

Now I want to build a small desktop app that should be running in
windows. I really like the easy way of Rails development. The best way
would be to run that app in a browser, but execute it on a local pc.

Is there any way to create a rails app without a web server???
Similiar to emulate the server with "rails server" in command line,
but I don't want that a whole server is running in the background.

I have found a GUI called "shoes" for Ruby, but that is not that easy
like rails and the apps are getting really big, because the whole
shoes interpreter is added!

Thanks in advance!


Rails is ony for Web applications, you may try with bowline+ruby,


I already have found bowline, but it says OSX and Ubuntu only, windows
coming soon.... :frowning:


As explained by others Rails requires a server. This server can be webrick or mongrel which do not require much setup.
I have deployed an application which is either used locally or remotely using InstantRails. I have had to upgrade many of the parts including the version of Ruby used and Rails and Gems and Rake ... but it does work, at least with Rails up to 2.3.14. I have not tried it with 3.x yet.

You can take a look at OpenCampground.com for one way of doing this. It is gpl so you can download it and it might give you some ideas.


Thank you both!

I was just hoping that there is a rails-like way to built a local app
on windows... :frowning:

Is there maybe an easy way to use pure Ruby to built a local app on


Just write the ruby code and run it.