running a long process (perhaps it's in an infinite loop) - troubleshooting


I added an address search function in an after_save on my Address
model. When you key in an address in the form, it tries to look up
the latitude, longitude using geocoding, and fill in two fields
(:lat, :long). But somehow it's getting stuck. When I comment out
the after_save call, it works normally (but doesn't set :lat
and :long), obviously. I put in logger lines to mark the beginning of
'digging for geocoding for address : #{full_address}", and
"finished". I see the beginning message in the log, but no

I know this kind of thing might be an excellent candidate for a daemon

What I'm wondering is, how can I troubleshoot what's happening? I
don't see a single error in the log. Could there be errors logged
anywhere else?