failure in model#new - I don't get it

Here's my error:

NameError (undefined local variable or method `gmap_full_address' for

here's the model:

class Address < ActiveRecord::Base

attr_accessible :name, :address1, :address2, :city, :state_id, :country_id, :postal_code,
                  :carrier_id, :time_zone, :gmap_lat, :gmap_long


  after_save { "attempting geocode retrieval for
#{gmap_full_address}" <------------------
    result = get_geocode(gmap_full_address)
    gmap_lat = result[:latitude]
    gmap_long = result[:longitude]

  def gmap_full_address
    address1 + ", " + city + ", " + state.abbrev

I don't understand why it's saying gmap_full_address is indefined.

Anyone know why?

Because you've used the block form of after_save, so self inside that
block is the class itself, not a particular instance