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prashanth hiremath wrote:

My requirement is i have to put .csv file into elements of array so
that i
can increment longitude and latitude values for compraion if it matches

then i have to pull the entire row from the file this is the problem am

Let me see if I understand what you're saying:
1. You have to read each row of file to get the lat / long to compare
2. Then compare the lat / long to something else to see if its the
record you want
3. If so, you need to read the whole record

Well, to get to the lat / long (fields 6 and 7 out of 8), you have to
have read the row anyway, so it seems that your solution should be to

Read the file and for each line
   parse the line
   test the lat / long
   if its what you're looking for, keep that row (you've already read
   otherwise throw it away

Are you expecting a single match for a lat / long, or could there be
multiple rows that meet your "match" criteria? This serves just as an
efficiency measure. If you're only supposed to find a single match,
once you've found it, you're done.