Ruby on Rails

Hello Experts,

I am new to RoR and have knowledge of programming(,c#). I wanted to start of with Ruby as its framework like Rails,Dashing Etc excites me. I did try going through some ebooks , but its kind of hard to understand the sytax and follow the flow of ruby on rails.

Can someone tell me, how to approach the learning of RoR?


-Prashant Girennavar.

Two sites that are pretty helpful that have screencasts are (older content but still good) and Check them out and get a feel for the framework. I think you’ll love it!


I suggest working right through, which is free to
use online. I am not saying there are not others just as good but it
is the one I used and it got me going very quickly.


​Michael Hartl's tutorial is the best place to start for a beginner to
Rails -


Agreed, is really good to get started. Thanks for catching this!

There is also the oficial Getting Started guide: