Ruby on rails wth php

Not sure what you mean there. You want to call php code from ruby or you want some pages on your site to be php and some rails (eg a rails website with a blog section that was run by wordpress) ?


Frederick Cheung wrote:

Heard of a thing called, "google"? I don't really know, what you are doing with Ruby on Rails, but if you are old enough to have a job doing Ruby on Rails, you should do more research before asking such stupid questions.

Please read following document very carefully:

You do realise that rails is a framework written in ruby, so pretty much by definition if you're using rails you're not using php? (but like i said, with the caveat that you could have 2 entirely separate apps that just happen to be hosted on the same domain)


I have gotten so far from your post that you want to use php but get the rails experience. The closest I have found to php on rails is a framework for php called Akelos which can be found here

Last I used it, it was about as close to a port of rails to php as I have seen. Unfortunately, it can't prevent php from being an ugly language in places but it is better than nothing.

Now that's not very nice, but somehow I find myself sympathizing.

The OP is obviously being very vague about what they want to do, perhaps if they stated why they wanted to use PHP with Ruby on Rails, maybe we could help them.