Rails or php?(appreciate all opinions)

Hi, I have a small webdesign company and got to a point where I have a small self made php based cms. I never liked php and that's why i started looking for something different. I 've started to learn a little ruby and rails so i have some idea how it all looks like. My question in basically whether to use php or ruby for my further developing, and when with ruby shall i try making something of my own or rather learn to use rafinery or radiant. Now I'm making simple and moderately complicate websites with a bit of jquery and flash. Eventually I want to have a cms to use for simple sites but flexible enough to make something more complicated with some extra coding... I'll appreciate all your opinions.

Neither PHP or Ruby is a CMS on its own, but if you’re considering one, a lot of people on this list would state a preference for Ruby. If you’re thinking about customizing an existing CMS system or framework, I think the most mature options are probably those that have been developed in PHP, though that could be a subject for some debate. Ultimately though, you should choose the tool that gives you the best leverage over the set of problems you face in your work.