php or ruby on rails ???

Ruby on Rails sucks. Definitely use PHP.


mdk4ever -- schrieb:

Bob Showalter wrote:

Hello every one,
I used to use PHP in all my sites and recently I found some people
talking about ruby on rails framework and how great it is , I search
google to know why but I did not get much results ,

can any one explain to me why this framework is great and what advantage
ruby gives me over PHP ?

Ruby on Rails sucks. Definitely use PHP.

first one that say something like this here !!!!!!!

dude, you must be unreal...

this topic has been discussed thousands of times and the net is full of info about that

if you are really curious about and serious interested move your indian ass and get the info yourself and dont flood the list5

just my 2 cents

Comments like this haven no place on this list. Please refrain from posting until you can discuss issues in a civil manner.

Michael Glaesemann
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So wait a second, should I move my ass too ? Do you wanna change that
"indian" part ? And yes, it is offensive.

There is no excuse for this kind of talk. Absolutely none.