Ruby on Rails Vs LAMP for a beginner

I haven't done any web development before, my experience is in C, Python, C++, some UI experience (Qt etc). I would like to build a database driven website (which pretty much is like a web mail), key objective is lower production time (development & testing), I would highly prefer it to be AJAX based, scalability is not an issue rite now, but could be later, should I go for LAMP (if I take 'Python' for the 'P' , how helpful is my python knowledge?, assuming it to be good) or RoR (Ruby seems to be familiar due to my Python knowledge).

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Linux Apache MySQL

have nothing to do with Rails.

So you’ll either be doing LAMP (Python) or LAMR (Ruby on Rails).

If you need it completed quickly, you’re probably best off with Python because you already know it. Of course, this is the Rails list, so we are all a bit biased towards Ruby. If you have the time, give Ruby a try. Granted, if you’ve yet to use any Python web framework like Django, it’s probably going to take the same amount of time learning Rails, so pick one and go.


one sucks... the other sucks less...

(jk :slight_smile:

Actually I know python to. But Ror is so much more mature than TurboGears.

If you do the following:

Rails Mysql (Or Oracle XE)

Plugins ActiveScaffold RoleRequirement Tabnav/widgets

Then its very fast, and your "python" knowledge will help you learn ruby very quickly.

Get you a few books. (I bought 6), and look thru a few tutorials.

I've even done my own generators.

You code can run in windows with mongrel as a service (Limited number of users) Or a mongrel-cluster behind nginx supporting the whole web. :slight_smile:

For a few glispe of my rails development check out my blog at

I probably should tell you something like "LEARN RoR!", but ignoring my religious beliefs for a minute, if you are good at python you should try Django.