Ruby On Rails Vs. J2EE OpenSource vs. Apple WebObjects etc..

Hello Gurus:

New to Ruby/Rails. We are a startup and getting ready to start
developing a DB driven business application. We have a Apple hardware
with MAC OS with Ruby, WebObjects, JBoss, Hibernate and other
opensource tools and technologies available and ready to use.

We are debading on platform of choice and hence my posting here. Our
application is no different from other application with customers,
users, Orders, products, etc...

Performance, scalability, availability and reliability are certainly
key to our project. We are in the process of DB selection in terms of
MySQL vs. Oracle Express Edition.

One final question about availability of experienced resources for
Ruby on Rails...


Any Suggestions on this?

Ralphmiller wrote:

Any Suggestions on this?

Rails is nice, go for it :slight_smile:

Well, actually you should probably do the usual development tasks regarding choice of technology. I'm not quite sure what you're looking for?

I chose Ruby and Rails because it's a great programming language, it's a joy to use, it provides a whole lot of foundation so you don't have to spend a lot of time getting separate technologies working together and it's pretty damn fast to get stuff done with Rails.