Ruby on Rails Platform Maturity - Need Some Feedback

I am posting these questions for one of my friend who is thinking about moving from J2EE to Ruby on Rails for his web development projects within his company. His plan is to develop the product and then go for venture funding. I would like to get as much feedback as possible, thank you for sharing your opinions.

1. How mature is the Ruby lang/Rails, funding & support from the industry/community 2. IDE's, Testing tools in the market and support availability? 3. Support for webservices, XML and messaging services 4. web/appservers supporting deployment with (load balancing/ clustering) and product suppport availability 5. Advantages with examples over J2EE/.NET 6. integration with LDAP, Mail servers etc 7. Database drivers availability for industry leading databases. 8. O/S support? unix/linux 9. List of sites/ASP's running/supporting ruby

and any other supporting info.