ruby on rails programmer

I have acquired a new online web company that was programmed in Ruby
on Rails and I am having a very difficult time finding anyone who
writes or works with this language to fix some minor issues and add
some major features. I live in the Boston area. Any ideas where I
can start looking for a dependable and competent Ruby developer? Any
help would be wonderful.


open, is probably a good place to start - this list
isn't bad either. You may get more attention if you can mention
specifics - what Rails version, what source control system, and so
forth. "A Rails app" could mean a lot of things - everything from a
fresh app running on the latest version, to a creaky mess that's still
running on 1.x; each requires a different sort of development work.

--Matt Jones

Hi Jon,

- this list isn't bad either.

Many of us, myself included, enjoy hearing about openings for Ruby on
Rails developers. Others, not so much. To accommodate both, we've
developed a convention regarding such.

Specifically, from the groups home page on Google Groups:

"If you're posting about an open job position or looking for a Rails
developer, please prefix your subject with [JOBS]."

Best regards and best of luck,

Thanks Bill, I do appreciate your time in letting me know this.