I am looking for a ruby on rails developer in the NY/ NJ area.

I have a company website that needs to be created.

anyone have any leads?

Thank You!

On the upside for both you and us Rails-folk: try broadening your
search. There is probably little to no need for your developer to be
local to you.

On the downside for us, but up for you: if it's just a web *site*, as
opposed to a web *app*, you might not need a Rails developer, just
someone who knows how to put together pages. Do you just want to
present static information, or allow the visitors to put in some
information to be retained and displayed later (just emaiing it to you
doesn't count), or what?


I’m from Brazil. I want to work in a project. I have +2 years working in web projects with php/ruby/python.


Evaldo Santos

Hi Mary,

I’m a freelance RoR Dev living in Brooklyn. If you’re still searching feel free to contact me off list (michael (dot) roess [at] to talk about your needs.



I have a 2+ years of working experience in ROR, living in India. If you are intrested to work with me, Please let me know.