Ruby In Steel Developer 1.4 Released

SapphireSteel Software today released version 1.4 of Ruby In Steel
Developer, its professional Ruby and ‘Ruby On Rails’ IDE for Visual

Ruby In Steel Developer 1.4 now includes built-in ToDo and User Task
management. This is the latest addition to its integrated suite of tools
including the unique drag-and-drop design environment, ‘The Visual Rails
Workbench’, comprehensive analytical IntelliSense and the ultra-fast
‘Cylon’ drill-down debugger. Ruby In Steel Developer 1.4 is provided as
a free update to registered users of Ruby In Steel Developer.

Ruby In Steel developer is available for a free 60 day trial. A
completely free ‘Personal Edition’ of Ruby In Steel (including,
optionally, a free version of Visual Studio 2008) is also available.

For more information see:

Ruby In Steel Developer can be downloaded here:

The free Personal edition of Ruby In Steel can be downloaded here:

best wishes
Huw Collingbourne

SapphireSteel Software