Ruby In Steel Release Candidate 1

Huw Collingbourne wrote:

We have just placed RC1 of the free Personal Edition of Ruby In Steel on
our site.

This will be a major boost for those of us who like MS's editor features. For example, the Find window has a Find in Open Documents feature. _Not_ a feature that drives Grep for you (like I don't know how to myself), and then hits all the extra files you don't care about. The slowest aspect of editing, for me, has always been navigating between change locations. In a well-factored application, one bounces all over the place just to get anything done. So long as the Bookmark system will inexplicably not travel between files, my best bet for navigation is to leave markers at various sites, then use F3 to rapidly flip thru them. I still don't know why other editors don't have this simple feature...

Now, could you make the syntax highlighting less hysterical? I'm mildly visually impaired (which explains my comics!), so the black-on-blue for :symbols is a non-starter for me.