The Visual Rails Workbench

SapphireSteel Software has just released a major update to its Ruby and
Rails IDE, Ruby In Steel Developer. This edition includes a unique
visual drag and drop environment - The Visual Rails Workbench - for
designing Rails applications.

The principal features of the Visual Rails Workbench are:

- Full page editing of complete web pages (composites of Rails
- Drag and Drop design - add controls from a toolbox
- Set properties using the Property panel
- Resize and move controls using mouse or keyboard
- Split view code/form editing
- Toggle ERb/RHTML editing between HTML editor and Rails (Ruby-aware)
- Round-tripping between ‘web format’ HTML and ‘Rails format’ ERb/RHTML
- Edit code as ERb/RHTML or as HTML
- Document Navigator navigates document structure (HTML)/or methods
- Quick navigation between controller and view
- Import/Export to other web page design tools such as Dreamweaver
- Save/restore named ‘versions’ of page designs to/from an archive of
work in progress
- Auto-backup of changes to templates
- Support for Rails 1 and Rails 2

Other notable features of Ruby In Steel Developer 1.2 include:

- JRuby Support
Users may run and debug Sun’s Java-based JRuby right inside the Ruby In
Steel environment.
- IronRuby Support
Ruby In Steel is the only IDE to offer integrated form design for
Microsoft’s IronRuby (currently ‘alpha’).
- Enhanced Debugging
Ruby In Steel has the fastest debugger for standard Ruby. In addition to
all its existing capabilities (such as breakpoints, watch variables,
call stack navigation, step into/out/over, locals, autos, drill-down
debugging and debugging into ERb/RHTML templates) Ruby In Steel 1.2 adds
the following debugging features:
-- Tracepoints
-- Conditional breakpoints
-- Break on hitcount
-- Run macro on break
-- Break on exception
-- Autos window user-configuration
-- Dynamic debugging (evaluate code and change variable values on the

Registered Users of Ruby in Steel 1.x may upgrade to this version at no
cost. Please uninstall the previous version before installing this new
release using your key (key.bin), registered user name and serial


The Trial period has now been extended to 60 days. If you wish to
evaluate the software, download the full version and this will remain
operational for 60 days. After that period, registration is required.


In addition to the professional standard Ruby In Steel Developer,
SapphireSteel Software also has a low cost Text Edition which has
powerful Ruby and Rails editing and debugging (though not the
Developer’s ultra-fast ‘Cylon’ debugger) and may be installed either
into a regular or a free edition of Visual Studio 2008 for an all-in
cost of $49. The free version of VS 2008 is part of the ‘all-in-one
installer’ on the SapphireSteel Software site. There is also ‘IronRuby
In Steel’ a free IDE for Microsoft’s IronRuby for .NET (currently in


Download Ruby In Steel Developer and Text Editions from:

Download IronRuby In Steel from:

best wishes
Huw Collingbourne

SapphireSteel Software