Ruby Developer position

Please let me know your interest in following.

Location: Columbia, SC
Duration: 12 months+
Rate: $65/hr 1099/c2c


thanks for the offer but since I’m living in Europ I’m more interested by positions here.

Best regards,

Folivi FOLLY

its mandatory to have all the skill i have more than 70% of them.


Already talking to someone about this. State of South Carolina,



My oral english is not good… Sorry…

I dont understand why people reply to job offer on the list, not directly to the person instead.

Ahmy Yulrizka

Same reason people don't trim quotes: sheer laziness.

Frankly if I were hiring, I'd put a line in the note that specifically
says to contact me off-list (the rest of the people here wouldn't give
a fig about any given respondent's qualifications), and anybody who
replies on-list, flunks.


Do you really think the recruiters read the list? I doubt--I certainly wouldn't :wink:

Thursday, February 9, 2012, 2:53:54 PM, you wrote:

Mail client; does not happen to me ( on OS X)--and that's a pretty stupid thing for your mail client to be doing.

They don't have to. In fact, that's its own automatic enforcement, at
least if the list-repliers reply *only* on-list.