ruby-debug will not install, wants ver 12 of Microsoft compiler

If the debugger is part of Rails now, shouldn't I expect it to
install? When I run 'gem install ruby-debug' it runs the Microsoft
make, 'nmake' and it compiles C source that demands version '1200' of
the C compiler, which is old version 6.0, I think. I have a later
version on my machine I could try but I really don't want to debug the
debugger if I don't have to. I presume it insists on that specific
version for a reason.

Is there a Windows (32-bit) binary available for ruby-debug ??

And shouldn't ruby-debug be using a non-antique version of the
compiler? I've found the MS site where we can all download a free
command line version of the MS C compiler but it's a newer version
than the one used by ruby-debug.

I can't be the only one with this problem. We all debug. And lots of
us use Windows.

Thanks for any help,


Going back one version seems to work:
  gem install ruby-debug -v 0.9.3

It installs, stops at the breakpoints, I can examine variables, and
continue. Maybe more.


On a similar note.. Why isn't `script/server --debugger` the default?
I would assume at this point in time no one running Rails 2.x runs
script/server in production anyway.