ruby convertion

hai frnds... im beginer. i want to know how to convert text box
fields to text file and download the file... plz help me

If you are a beginner I suggest you start by working through some
tutorials. is good and is free to use online. Work
right through it, doing the examples. Then you will probably be able
to answer most of your questions yourself.


thanks frnd.. i need sample coding for my earlier question..

use paperclip gem for upload and download fileā€¦

I think you have not got much help because nobody understands exactly
what you are trying to do. For a start I suspect you mean upload
rather than download, but perhaps not.

I still suggest that you work through some tutorials first before
trying to do complex things such as file up or download. Then when
you have problems you will be better able to ask questions that others
will understand.