how to upload or download a file using ror

Hi friends,

        i am a fresher to ruby on rails . i need sample code/program
of how to download or upload files,and i also want code to stage a
file instead of posting it to a webserver.

i would be thankful if u can give me this information

read the manual ( and perhaps try this:

in your view:

  <div class="title_heading">Fileupload
     <%= start_form_tag({:action => 'upload_file'}, :multipart =>
true) %>
       <%= file_field_tag("uploaded_file")%>
       <%= submit_tag('Save')%>
     <%= end_form_tag %>

in the controller:

def upload_file
  file_content = ""
  file_io = params[:uploaded_file]
  file_io.each_line {|line|
  render :text => "duh..."