Routing Subdirectory


first of all: I'm a noob. I use RoR 2.0.

Now the question :wink:

Let's say I want to create a frontend and a backend for my website. My
URL could be:

Frontend should be available here: or maybe ... etc.

Backend should be available in the subdirectory /admin

Like that: or maybe

How to I have to setup something like that ? When I generate the
models/views/controllers do I have to add that admin-subdirectory ?

Like: "ruby script/generate scaffold admin/news title:string
blah:string" ? I actually tried that basically messed it up haha.

Or is that just a routing ( config/routes.rb ) issue ?

You notice I'm still messing around with those basic things. Could
really need some kind of basic RoR project management guide :wink:

Anyways I'm sure you guys can help. Thanks for your time!