Noob Subdirectory Question


I'm new to RoR (as probably evidenced by this post). What I want to do is group some controllers beneath a subdirectory. For instance, I want to have a section of the site that has areas for managing users, products, etc. using URLs like and so on. My question is twofold. First, what is the best way to do this? Second, is this the RoR way to do things or am I thinking in the paradigm of more traditionla web frameworks.

Regards-      Eric

P.S. - Sorry if this question has been answered. Searhcing for "directory" and "subdirectory" gives noisy results.

You can create routes to make the urls appear however you want, no sub-directories required.

Have a look at Peak Obsession

You can do this nicely & transparently in Rails:

# file: app/controllers/admin/users_controller.rb class Admin::UsersController < ApplicationController end


url_for( :controller => 'admin/users', :action => 'new' ) => .../admin/users/new


1. You put your controller in a subdirectory 'admin' in 'app/ controllers' directory 2. You namespace the controller (Admin::UsersController) 3. You put your views in corresponding directory (app/views/admin/ users) -- but you don't have to 3. Don't forget to use correct syntaxt in url_for, link_to, render (eg. render :template => 'admin/new')



P.S. You can even subclass your Admin::UsersController from your "default" or "presentation layer" UsersController and use inheritance this way.