Routing a Sinatra application


I wish to route a sinatra application in my Rails 3 app. As said by Yehuda, it should be possible.

However I see the route isn't recognized and I get ActionController::RoutingError problems. It works well with simple rack apps however (the test in actionpack with a lambda passes well).

I've written a test case which fails. But I couldn't reproduce it without sinatra. If you have any more luck than me, I'm all hears.

I can confirm that this is true. The recognize_path lookup failed not because it couldn’t find ‘/nested_application’, but because it found it and failed on lookup. returns Sinatra::ShowExceptions, which is the first Sinatra middleware on the stack that’s unique to Sinatra.

I would suspect that this bug is in Rack::Mount, not Rails, but I’m not sure. (I’ve only poked around for a couple of minutes.)

FYI I've created a ticket about that on LightHouse.