How can I start with TDD in RoR. I'm new to this framework and I know
basic idea about RoR.
I hope this is the time to start with TDD. Please help me on this.

Pls let me know about good tutorial.

thank you


this is a basic tutorial, but I recommend because it teaches how to develop in Rails using TDD:

I hope this could help.


For general testing in Rails, I like the (short but good) chapter in Eloquent Ruby - gets you thinking about testing right and it isn't overwhelming. From there, Rails test prescriptions is a great intro to testing and TDD for Rails developers, and finally you're going to want to pick up a copy of the rspec book. It's more of an undertaking, but provides much richer coverage of the frameworks (even if it uses webrat rather than capybara which is more common these days).

Also, get test infected. Go to a local usergroup and find someone to pair with for a couple of hours. Four or five such sessions and you'll start to get the feel for the process. Also, read stuff that Dan North and Liz Keogh write about TDD and levels of tests (not having implementation details in high level scenarios, for example) and feel free to check out the TDD Yahoo! list for a broader perspective (or the XP list).

Best Wishes,

Sounds as you need knowledge. Here is something that I found: